Accessible Inclusivity,

Enabling Empowerment.

Our Mission

Accessibility Accelerator strives to make the world accessible and inclusive especially for people with disabilities and the elderly via advocacy, education, and inclusion. With each step, we empower people to live self-determined lives enabling them to work, travel, study, and consume with dignity, equality, and maximum independence.

About Us

Accessible Inclusivity, Enabling Empowerment.

Accessibility Accelerator collaborates with global organizations to devise and test best practices to assist, support, and involve people with disabilities who constitute one of the largest minority groups in the world. Currently, people with disabilities constitute over 15% of the world population and the elderly represent 11%; both populations are growing.

Disabilities, including but not limited to physical, sensory, cognitive, and mental, are found in people throughout the world, the young and old, and among every race, religion, and ethnicity.

Disability does not discriminate, yet, people with disabilities are often the victims of discrimination, most often because of the lack of knowledge and the insensitivity of others.

Of the World Population:


Have Disabilities


Are Elderly

Universal Design From
Inception of Projects

Accessibility Accelerator is a strong proponent of Universal Design from the outset of any project as buildings, technology, homes, stores, products, services, and more must be designed to meet the needs of and be accessible to all people who wish to use them regardless of their age, size, ability, or disability.

The fundamental and foundational design benefits everyone and is financially prudent compared to making something accessible retroactively.

Above all everyone benefits and is included equally.

Accessible Travel

Accessibility Accelerator helps facilitate accessible travel for people with disabilities. Travel of people with and without disabilities is a learning, growing, and empowering experience for all.

Groups have summited Mount Kilimanjaro, US national and state parks, and the ancient streets of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Supporting Advancing Technology

Accessibility Accelerator with its collaborative partners monitors and investigates evolving technologies that serve to assist and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Together with our collaborative partners host and participate in global seminars with researchers, tech companies, and potential users to expedite and promote products and hasten their time to market.


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Inspired by Legacy

The creation of Accessibility Accelerator was inspired by the legacy, of three incredibly altruistic men, Mr. Benjamin (Benjy) Brown, Mr. Samuel (Sandy) Eisenstat, and Mr. Julius (Julie) Lassner. They met in the 1970s and bonded over their efforts to be advocates for those in need. We ( Alan, Abe and Jamie) are inspired by our fathers, of blessed memory, and are uniting in an effort to follow their examples. They left giant shoes to fill but we are aspiring to do our best to make a difference and improve the world.

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